The Porto Photography Festival

The Porto Photography Festival

Join us for the very first Porto Photography Festival.

We'll be there -- will you?


Welcome to the First Edition of the international Porto Photography Festival.

Masterclasses, Workshops, and Exclusive Dinners with top international photographers will take your photography to a whole new level.

Get your Masterclass tickets today and enjoy a limited Early Bird discount, ending March 31. 

Workshops are now on sale, and limited to 15 participants each. Book today to secure your place.


September 11-17, 2017


The Porto Photography Festival home will be the Árvore Escola Artística e Profissional. Workshops and Masterclasses will take place in Porto’s historic centre.

The Porto Photography Festival provides a week-long program, from 11-17 September 2017, featuring Masterclasses, Workshops, and Exclusive Dinners.


Masterclasses are scheduled each festival evening from 18h-20h (11-17 September).

Casa Diocesana – Seminário de Vilar
R. Arcediago Vanzeller 50
4050-621 Porto
[Google Map]

Please click here for a full list of the masterclasses and how to purchase tickets.


Workshops of varying lengths will take place during the festival week. Whether you prefer a one-day workshop, a weekend workshop, or a week of learning, we’ve got you covered.

These are our world renowned workshop instructors:

Find out more about the full workshop program by clicking here.


Exclusive dinners will be announced shortly, giving you the chance to be one of five people to dine with the featured masterclass speaker.

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Online Exhibition: Call for Entries

What is the Online Exhibition?

Porto Photo Fest aims to showcase the work of the Portuguese photography community in Porto. The online exhibition is open to any local artist, amateur or professional, with no limits on age.

What are the rules?

You must live and work in the District of Porto, Portugal.

All photographs must be taken in the District of Porto, Portugal.

Submit up to 10 of your BEST images, maximum 1200 pixels on the longest side, 72 DPI, JPG format. Please watermark each image with your name, and add a title for each as metadata.

All submitted images must be the artist’s own original work and free of copyright issues. By submitting these images you agree to allow Porto Photo Fest the right to exhibit the images in a non-commercial manner.

All entries will be curated by a panel and subject to approval. If your entry is not approved, you will be notified.

What are the Judging criteria?

Here is a list of the established criteria that the judges will be adhering to.

  • Adherence/Appropriateness to Theme
  • Originality
  • Inspirational Power
  • Overall Impression /Impact
  •  Current/Potential Social Impact
  • Level of Detail
  • Wow! Factor
  • Memorable
  • Technical Execution
  • Visual Appeal
  • Artistic Merit

What is the entry fee? 

Each entry for Porto Photo Fest’s Online Exhibition is €5, to be paid online via PayPal. There are no refunds.

What should the entry include?

  1. Full name, postal address, email address (this must be the same email used for WeTransfer), and telephone number.
  2. Short bio (max 50 words).
  3. Bio photo.
  4. Short statement on how you identify with our mission (max 100 words).
  5. Short statement about the work you are submitting (max 250 words).

How do I enter?

Use the payment PayPal button below and follow the instructions given.

Upon payment, you agree to the rules stated above.

Versão em Português

Exposição Online: Convite para Inscrições

O que é a Exposição Online?

O Porto Photo Fest tem como objetivo mostrar o trabalho da comunidade fotográfica do Porto. A exposição online está aberta à participação de qualquer artista local, amador ou profissional, sem limites de idade.

Quais são as Regras?

Deve morar e trabalhar no distrito do Porto, Portugal.

Todas as fotografias devem ser tiradas na cidade do Porto, Portugal.

Pode enviar até 10 das suas melhores imagens, com o máximo de 1200 pixels no lado de maior comprimento, 72 DPI e formato JPG. Cada imagem deve ter uma marca de água com o nome do autor e cada imagem deve ter um título como metadados.

Todas as imagens enviadas devem ser obras originais do artista e livres de questões de direitos autorais. Ao submeter estas imagens, vai ceder ao Porto Photo Fest o direito de exibir as imagens de forma não comercial.

Todas as inscrições serão comissariadas por um painel e sujeitas a aprovação. Se a inscrição não for aprovada, será notificado.

Quais são os critérios de avaliação?

Critérios estabelecidos da qual os juízes vão avaliar:

  • Adequação ao Tema
  • Originalidade
  • Poder inspirador
  • Primeira Impressão / Impacto geral
  • Atualidade / Potencial de Impacto Social
  • Nível de detalhe
  • Fator Uau!
  • Caracter Memorável
  • Execução Técnica
  • Apelo visual
  • Mérito Artístico

Qual é a taxa de inscrição?

Cada inscrição na Exposição Online do Porto Photo Fest tem um custo de 5€, que deve ser pago via PayPal. Não haverá qualquer tipo de reembolso.

O que deve incluir na inscrição?

  1. Nome completo, morada, endereço de email (deve ser o mesmo email utilizado no WeTransfer), e o número de telefone.
  2. Breve Biografia (max. 50 palavras).
  3. Fotografia do Autor.
  4. Breve texto sobre como se identifica com a nossa missão (max. 250 palavras).
  5. Breve texto sobre o trabalho que submete (max. 250 palavras).

Como Participar?

Use o botão de pagamento PayPal abaixo e siga as instruções.

Após o pagamento, concorda automaticamente com as regras nomeadas em cima.



The Porto Photo Fest is a learning summit. Scroll down to find out more about our Workshops delivered by the best photographers in the business.

John Stanmeyer

Photo by John Stanmeyer

September 11

Photography Stories is a 7-day workshop run by John Stanmeyer, the internationally-renowned National Geographic photographer.

David Nightingale

September 11

The Art of Black and White Photography is a 1-day workshop, designed to teach you how to create powerful black and white images.

September 12

Shoot The Street is a 1½-day workshop, designed to teach a range of technical, creative, and narrative skills that will enable you to produce visually compelling street images.

September 14

Shoot The City is a 1½-day hands-on workshop, designed to teach you the technical and creative skills you need in order to create technically excellent and aesthetically stunning images of Porto.

September 16

Creating Dramatic Images is an intensive 1-day, hands-on workshop covering why and how you should optimise your initial exposures; how to visualise a scene from the point of view of its postproduction; and how to think through the various changes that are needed to create a dramatic image.

Penny De Los Santos

September 13

Portugal Food Stories is a 4-day workshop, designed to teach you the process of telling the stories behind the food.

Cradoc Bagshaw

September 11

This is a 3-day workshop where Cradoc will introduce and guide you through basic darkroom techniques that will bring your analog photos to their full glory in print.

September 14

This 2-day workshop is for Experienced Analog Photography, in which Cradoc will advance your analog shooting and darkroom skills through time-tested techniques. The workshop is optimized to follow Cradoc’s 3-day Basic Analog Photography Workshop.

Sara Lando

Sara Lando

September 14

This 2-day Mixed Media workshop will focus on showing you how to push your creativity to explore different materials and possibilities.
Sara Lando

September 16

The technical aspects of portrait photography can be learnt pretty quickly, but what most people find overwhelming about shooting people is everything that can’t be controlled with a knob or a switch: hopefully you wont be one of those people any more, at the end of this workshp

Norman Maslov

Sue Tallon

September 16

The Focused On You 2-day workshop is designed to support photographers as they develop their portfolios and websites, editing and organising their work and preparing it for presentation to potential advertising, editorial and fine art clients.



Pedro do Canto Brum


11 September 2017
Casa Diocesana – Seminário De Vilar, Porto

In this masterclass, renowned Portuguese product photographer Pedro Do Canto Brum will talk about light, how to use it in your own photography and how to get the most from it in your own work.

Penny de los Santos


12 September 2017
Casa Diocesana – Seminário De Vilar, Porto

Penny’s masterclass will focus on the power of food-centred photo stories and its ability to tell about culture, history, geography and the enduring human spirit.

David Nightingale

Creating Dramatic Images

13 September 2017
Casa Diocesana – Seminário De Vilar, Porto

David Nightingale will give his world renowned masterclass on how to create dramatic images, a must for any photographer.

Sara Lando

A Formula For Creativity

14 September 2017
Casa Diocesana – Seminário De Vilar, Porto

Rising Star Sara Lando will give a masterclass on where to find ideas and inspiration for your work.

Norman Maslov

Focus on your work, value, and rights

15 September 2017
Casa Diocesana – Seminário De Vilar, Porto

Norman Maslov founded his artist agency in San Francisco in 1986. His masterclass will focus on supporting photographers to organise their work and prepare it for presentation to potential advertising, editorial and fine art clients.

Cradoc Bagshaw

Beyond The Street

16 September 2017
Casa Diocesana – Seminário De Vilar, Porto

Leica photographer Cradoc Bagshaw will give a masterclass about capturing documentary photography “Beyond the Street”.


The Mission

The Mission

Showcasing the very best of Porto's UNESCO World Heritage historic centre and surrounding areas.

Putting Porto and Portugal on the map as a place of creation and sharing of ideas.

Bringing artistic vision to life.

1. What do we do?

Porto Photography Festival brings the global photography community to Porto to connect, learn, and experience at a week-long event in September.

2.How do we do that?

We provide a dynamic setting for photography industry and business leaders to connect with photographers and other creatives through a series of workshops, speaking events, and social activities. The festival facilitates opportunities for networking, collaboration, partnership, and learning in a creative environment. Attendees are welcomed with Portuguese hospitality in Porto's historic district.

3.Who is it for?

The festival is for photographers and creatives to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

4.What value do we bring?

Porto Photography Festival provides the amazing UNESCO World Heritage backdrop to provide inspiration, opportunities to learn from the best, and to network with your peers.


Meet the team behind the Porto Photography Festival, a group of passionate people committed to bringing you the best experience.


Anna Gunn



Francisco Silva

Cooperativa Árvore


Andreana & Guilherme Buest

Tupan Tours


Gail Aguiar

Gail At Large

The Porto Photography is supported by:

Supporting Organisations

A huge thank you to our founding sponsors.

If you want to be a part of the Porto Photography Festival and put your logo on this page, please get in touch with us about sponsorship opportunities.

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How You Can Participate

How You Can Participate

    Be a part of the first Porto Photo Fest, and join our volunteer family.

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Need more information? Send us a message through the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


    Contact: Anna Gunn
    Date: April 3, 2017



    Portugal’s first international photography learning summit will gather industry veterans and attendees from around the globe for one week in Porto.

    What: Porto Photo Fest offers Masterclasses, Workshops, and Exclusive Dinners with top international photographers.

    When: September 11-17, 2017

    Where: Workshops and Dinners in various locations in the historic centre of Porto, classified UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Masterclasses held at Casa Diocesana – Seminário de Vilar.

    Porto Photo Fest is a premier international photography festival which intersects art, business, and education in the historic and dynamic setting of Porto. It is designed to enrich learning for all levels and disciplines of photography. Headlining this first edition are instructional photographers John Stanmeyer, David Nightingale, Pedro do Canto Brum, Sara Lando, Penny de Los Santos, and Cradoc Bagshaw, plus artist agent Norman Maslov. They each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their masterclasses and workshops.

    MASTERCLASSES will run every evening of the festival, 18:00-20:00. Learn valuable insights to navigate the industry. Network with fellow photographers. Maximum capacity: 290.

    WORKSHOPS will run throughout the week, from one day to seven days in length. Learn how to create, curate, and submit work that will get noticed. Maximum 15 people per workshop.

    EXCLUSIVE DINNERS (one with each speaker) will be auctioned during their masterclass. Connect with others in an informal, small-group setting. Limited to 5 places per dinner.

    For festival participants new to Porto, “The challenge will be to capture the soul of the city and resist the temptation of exploring each of its numerous corners and details,” said Mayor Rui Moreira in March. “Besides having a very unique light, the city is an almost inexhaustible source of motifs well worth noting – from the sunrise to the sunset. Therefore, make the most of it.”

    Porto Photo Fest 2017 is made possible by institutional partners Instituto Português de Fotografia, Escola Artística e Profissional Árvore; organizational partners McGunnMedia, Tupan Tours, Gail at Large; in-kind sponsors AFF-Material Fotográfico, Phottix, Fuji Portugal, Sticky9; and media sponsor LensCulture.

    For more information:
    Official website:


    Versão em Português

    Contacto: Anna Gunn
    Data: 3 de Abril 2017



    O primeiro encontro internacional de fotografia vai juntar os veteranos da indústria e participantes de todo o mundo no Porto durante uma semana.

    O que é: O Porto Photo Fest proporciona Masterclasses, Workshops e Jantares Exclusivos com fotógrafos internacionais de topo.

    Quando: 11-17 Setembro 2017

    Onde:  Os Workshops e os Jantares realizar-se-ão em várias localizações no centro histórico do Porto (desde 1996 classificado pela UNESCO como Património Cultural da Humanidade

    Porto Photo Fest é o festival de fotografia que une áreas como arte, negócio e educação no cenário dinâmico e histórico da cidade do Porto. Foi pensado para potenciar a aprendizagem para todos os níveis e disciplinas de fotografia. Esta primeira edição tem como protagonistas fotógrafos mentores como John Stanmeyer, David Nightingale, Pedro do Canto Brum, Sara Lando, Penny de Los Santos e Cradoc Bagshaw, bem como o agente de artistas Norman Maslov. Cada um traz para as suas Masterclasses e Workshops o valor da sua sabedoria e experiência.

    MASTERCLASSES vão decorrer durante todas as noites do festival entre as 18:00‑20:00. Obtenha conselhos valiosos para se integrar na industria fotográfica. Crie uma rede de contactos com outros fotógrafos. Capacidade máxima: 290 pessoas.

    WORKSHOPS vão decorrer durante a semana do festival e duram entre um a sete dias. Aprenda como criar, escolher e submeter trabalhos que se tornarão reconhecidos. Capacidade máxima:15 pessoas por workshop.

    JANTARES EXCLUSIVOS (um por cada orador) durante as Masterclasses de cada orador vão ser anunciados os Jantares Exclusivos. Entre em contacto com eles num ambiente informal e próximo. Limitado a 5 lugares por jantar.

    A todos os participantes do festival que ainda não conhecem o Porto, “O desafio será capturar a alma da cidade e resistir à tentação de explorar cada uma das inúmeras esquinas e detalhes”, frase expressa por Rui Moreira em Março. “Além de ter uma luz única, a cidade é uma fonte quase inesgotável de motivos dignos de serem observados – desde o nascer até ao por-do-sol. Portanto, aproveite ao máximo.”

    Porto Photo Fest 2017 é possível graças às instituições parceiras Instituto Português de FotografiaEscola Artística e Profissional Árvore; Parceiros organizacionais McGunnMedia, Tupan ToursGail at Large; Patrocinadores AFF-Material FotográficoPhottixFuji Portugal, Sticky9; e Apoio de Comunicação Social LensCulture.

    Para mais informacões:
    Website Oficial: