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  • World-class instructors
  • 6 Workshops
  • Wide range of available subjects
  • World-class instructors
  • 5 Masterclasses
  • €25 per person
Portfolio Reviews
  • 1 Hour Portfolio Review
  • Limited to 5 places
Food Photography Tours
  • 3.5 Hour Photo Walk
  • Tour starts near Aliados Metro Station
  • Limited places
  • €49 Per Person
"Retratos Sem Medo" Exhibition
  • Inauguration 13 September
  • Closes 10 November
  • Centro Português de Fotografia
  • Open Event
"Imagination in Education"
  • Public Discussion
  • 15 September
  • 18h00-20h00
  • Casa Diocesana - Seminário de Vilar
  • Free Event
John Stanmeyer Workshop Final Presentation
  • 17 September
  • 22h-23h
  • Centro Português de Fotografia - CPF
  • Free Event

Made by Photographers, for Photographers

The Porto Photography Festival provides a week-long program, from 11-17 September 2017, featuring Masterclasses, Workshops, and Portfolio Reviews.

What's so special about the Porto Photo Festival?

All the photographers in this first photography festival are my idols. They are people I’ve followed for years, watched and learned all I could from on the internet. And they all run workshops in every corner of the world – except in Porto, Portugal. I wanted to change all that. 

This photography festival is different. We’ve created an event where you can learn more than what’s already available online – content that you and I can’t get anywhere else. This festival will give you the unique opportunity to go deeper into the creative process with each of these talented and accomplished professionals.

And you’ll do it in a UNESCO world heritage centre. Porto is a very special place where you can virtually step back in time. There is huge pride in this city, its stories and traditions. Its color, texture and design make every corner of the city a photographer’s dream backdrop.

You won’t find the content of the festival in a Google search. This festival is being held face to face, one on one with the pros to learn how they think, feel and view the world around them in the most inspirational backdrop I know. This is the festival that could change your life.

— Anna Gunn

Festival Director & Tamer of Dragons

What we will do

Ranging from one day to one week in duration, the workshops are the best way to go in-depth with our instructors and get hands-on learning. Workshop topics vary by instructor specialty, from street and commercial work to multi-media, portfolio development and portraiture.

For the storytellers, don’t miss a chance to spend 7 days with John Stanmeyer, the accomplished National Geographic and Time photojournalist, and co-founder of VII Photo Agency. There are classes for every interest and level. You don’t have to be a professional to attend our workshops – all that’s required is a camera and passion for art and learning. See the full Workshop details, or browse by photographer:

Learn from the Masters

If you can’t devote that much time to full workshops, you can still join our Masterclasses. Held each evening during the festival, these two-hour lectures cover lighting, food photography, exploration of creativity and even the business of photography. Read through the full list of Masterclasses instructors and sessions here.

From National Geographic covers to award-winning entrepreneurs and accomplished photojournalists, these photographers aren’t just the best in the world, they are also the best educators in the world. Here, you’ll get valuable information that can elevate your photography and business, and the experience to ensure that you remember the lessons from these amazing professionals for years to come. 

The PortoPhotoFest Masterclasses are sponsored by Fotoadrenalina. Purchase any ticket before the start of the Festival and you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win a Photographic Expedition to the Lofoten Islands, worth €1295. See here for more info.

Supercharge your photography

Friends and family are great at telling any photographer they like their images, but they’re not always the best at giving unbiased, honest feedback.

The best portfolio advice comes from people who are totally unbiased, who have never seen your work before. Because they don’t know you personally, they can be objective. They can more clearly see the gaps in the stories you’re trying to tell with your photographs, and where you need to improve to really connect to your audience.

A review isn’t just for professional photographers: it’s for anyone who is looking to improve their content creation. Whether you are a hobbyist, blogger,  student, or professional photographer, there has never been a better time than now to put your work in front of a professional reviewer.

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Meet our most valued instructors:

John Stanmeyer

National Geographic Photographer

John Stanmeyer is a humanist, photojournalist, Emmy-nominated filmmaker and field recordist.

David Nightingale


"I'm really not as demented as I look in this picture ;)"

Pedro Do Canto Brum


Nasceu em Lisboa em 1955, desde muito cedo se dedicou a fazer o que mais gosta. Fotografar.

Cradoc Bagshaw

Street Photographer

Cradoc Bagshaw is an award-winning photographer and photojournalist who works internationally.

Frederico Martins

Fashion Photographer

Frederico Martins é um fotógrafo de moda português, com base em Londres e no Porto.

Sara Lando


My actual plan when I was a kid was to become Santa.


What people are saying about Porto and the PortoPhotoFest:

“The challenge will be to capture the soul of the city and resist the temptation of exploring each of its numerous corners and details… Besides having a very unique light, the city is an almost inexhaustible source of motifs well worth noting – from the sunrise to the sunset. Therefore, make the most of it.”
Rui MoreiraMayor of Porto
“Porto is a complete surprise. I didn’t know places like this existed any more. Photographers either seem to make a life-long connection with Asia or with Europe, but usually not both. For me it’s always been Europe. I’ve been coming to Europe for years, and over the years I’ve seen it change. So many places have watched their essential character be diluted by the American led globalization.
I came to Porto not knowing what to expect, and I found Europe again. A traditional Europe that I haven’t seen since the early 1990’s. There’s a lot of tourism in Porto right now, and the global investor sharks are discovering the city; that will change things. But Porto’s big and diverse, and the change is focused in small areas. Porto is a wonderland of culture, full of photographs waiting to be taken.”
Cradoc BagshawCradocPhoto
“I simply fell in love with Porto and its people…they couldn’t have been more welcoming and kind. And to be sure the food and culture were a close second and third.”
Ralph VelascoTravel photographer

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