Portugal Food Stories

Penny de Los Santos

Each photographer will find and developed a photo story based on a local maker. Penny will help them develop and focus the story as well as help them identify the key elements in the photographic essay.

There will be daily critiques and at the conclusion of the week we’ll invite our subjects and the community to a projection viewing of these stories.

Portugal Food Stories
  • 4-day Workshop
  • Limited to 15 students
  • 13-16 September 2017
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Those photographers who are already familiar with their cameras, and understand aperture, shutter, ISO and how these work together to create a correct exposure.
Photographers who already shoot in Manual modes and can use the features of your digital camera with confidence.
Each photographer should have an understanding of Lightroom.

  • Each photographer needs to bring their own laptop,
  • have an understanding of Lightroom and
  • have one or more external HD’s to store their images each day.

Please note that you are responsible for your own equipment during the workshops.

About the Instructor

Penny De Los Santos began photographing as a way to understand her own diverse cultural background and identity. Born in Europe to an American military family that eventually settled in small town Texas, with generations of family history tied to the Texas-Mexico border, Penny’s background no doubt inspired curiosity about culture.

From the historical all male dining clubs of the Basque Country, to Jerusalem’s most suicide bomber besieged markets, photographing culture has been at the heart of Penny’s work. It has influenced the subject she picks and the way she makes photographs. Her evolution into food photography has allowed her to explore and celebrate culture, history and community through the lens food.

She has been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the US and to over 30 countries on assignment for various magazines making these photographs.

Penny is an award-winning internationally published photographer, she is a Senior Contributing photographer to Saveur Magazine and a regular contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Penny has received numerous grants, fellowships, and awards for her documentary photography including: The National Geographic Photography Grant, Recipient of the Prestigious World Press Joop Steward Master Class, College Photographer of the Year, Eastman Kodak Photography Grant, Canon USA Photography Grant, The Eddie Adams Photography Grant, California New Media Award, Ohio University School of Visual Communication Photography Grant and The Parson’s School of Design Marty Fortier Fellowship.

Her work has been featured in magazines including Time, News Week, Sports Illustrated, Mother Jones, Latina, Texas Monthly, Budget Travel, Caribbean Travel, U.S. News & World Report and Paris Match. She has been a contract photographer for numerous publishing companies and cookbooks.

De Los Santos has a Masters degree from Ohio’s University’s School of Visual Communication and an Undergraduate degree in Journalism from Texas A&M University. She has been a featured speaker at many universities and industry conferences throughout the country. She is represented by Judy Casey, INC.

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