Norman Maslov

Photographer Agent

Norman Maslov, a native San Franciscan, is an Artist’s Agent representing a small group of extremely creative commercial photographers who constantly cross the line between fine ads and fine art. His agency, Norman Maslov, Agent Internationale was founded in 1986.

Mr. Maslov attended San Francisco State University studying Communications and Film, which led to a strange ten-year stint in the Recording Industry. Starting in retail record stores, he later moved on to promoting and marketing artists for MCA and ABC Records. Mr. Maslov is a passionate music lover and collector and self-proclaimed Beatleologist, having co-authored the very first travel guide of Beatles sites titled The Beatles’ England.

Gin martinis and hats are other items that can frequently be seen on or around him as well as visualized on his wonderful Manhattman Blog. Mr. Maslov wears a size 7&1/4 hat and his two main influences are the Beatles and Woody Allen.