Cradoc Bagshaw – “The Complete Street Series”

On May 13, Porto Photo Fest co-hosted an Instagram Instawalk event with the talented photographers of IgersPorto and the PortoPhotoFest‘s analogue photography specialist Cradoc Bagshaw. During and after that event, we gathered a lot of feedback about the speed bumps and hurdles of street photography and film cameras, which included:
  • feeling intimidated by photographing strangers;
  • engaging your camera subjects;
  • finding interesting places to photograph people;
  • dealing with harsh lighting conditions.
You spoke. We listened.

We’ve taken your feedback and transformed our Basic Analogue 3-Day Workshop into a series, which maximises flexibility according to your needs, budget, and time. The Complete Street 3-Day Workshop is now designed as a progressive series: whether you attend any one of those days on its own, or take them all (at a discounted bundle price), the skills you learn each day will move you forward to the next stage of photography learning.
So without further ado, we present the new The Complete Street Series:
Day 1: Overcoming Fear – EARLY BIRD JULY DISCOUNT €200

Learn how to overcome your fear of making Street Photography, and how to stay invisible.

Cradoc Bagshaw, who specializes in “working quickly and quietly and getting photographs that are worth looking at more than once”, will introduce you to the tried and tested techniques he has been honing for years, guide you and review your work with you throughout an action packed day of shooting in the UNESCO World Heritage area of Porto.

Cradoc will also work with analog photographers on any issues specific to analogue photography.

Secure your place until the end of July and enjoy a €50 discount over the €250 regular price.

Day 2: Street Portraiture – EARLY BIRD JULY DISCOUNT €200

Walk the streets of Porto with Cradoc Bagshaw, as you find people and interact with them to make portraits.  Learn how to look forw the light, and understand the importance of light in photography.  How to keep your subjects engaged, and become a documentarian in taking portraits.

You will learn how to improvise light sources, to take amazing environmental portraits, showcasing the best of the surroundings of the UNESCO World Heritage of Porto.

You will also learn how to take portraiture for publication, learn the importance of leaving room for type and have a full review process of your work.

Secure your place until the end of July and enjoy a €50 discount over the €250 regular price.

Day 3: Beyond the Street – EARLY BIRD JULY DISCOUNT €200

You will learn how to make image photo stories, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Porto.  Walk the streets and learn how to layer your photographs with meaningful foreground and background relationships.  Different approaches  and guidance will be given as to how to transfer photographing from a thinking to an emotional process.

Full reviews of your images will be given during the day.

Secure your place until the end of July and enjoy a €50 discount over the €250 regular price.

The Complete Street Series – EARLY BIRD JULY DISCOUNT €500
If you wish to participate in the three workshops, you can take advantage of our special bundle price. Secure your place until the end of July and you’ll also get the early bird discount of €150 over the €650 regular price.

But there’s more:
The Complete Street Series workshop is designed to proceed directly into the Experienced Analogue Photography workshop.
We call this the “5 Days With Cradoc Bagshaw” pack, and it’s an amazing opportunity to go through the whole process of street photography, finishing in the darkroom.
Take all 5 days of Cradoc’s workshops and transform your entire workflow from beginning to end.
If you wish to spend these amazing 5 days with Cradoc, you can take advantage of our special bundle price. Secure your place until the end of July and you can get it at the early bird price of €850, a discount of €200 over the €1050 regular price.

The Instawalk in May with IgersPorto gave everyone who attended a little taste of a street photography experience with Cradoc. For those weren’t able to join us, we’ve got a “highlight reel” via the hastag  #instawalkportophotofest2017.
We hope that you will take advantage of these new options to this year’s festival and, as always, we welcome ALL your feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you in September,

The PortoPhotoFest team.

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