Porto Photo Fest met recently with the incredible Portuguese talent Ana Lisa Luças, a mixed media artist who gives us insight into how she works with brands such as Chocolates da Vida. In a recent interview with Favourite Design, Ana expresses her future ambitions:

“In the future I want to internationalize, to have my work in different countries, not just Portuguese products that have been exported but work with different cultures and different projects. Getting out of my comfort zone.”

Here is a sample of her amazing mixed media work:

This is Ana’s work in photography mixed media:

To see more of Ana Lisa’s work, see her on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

If you are interested in mixed media photography and art, we have just the thing for you:

Join world-renowned Sara Lando on September 14 for two days at her Mixed Media Workshop. Using recycled materials, altered books, paint, glue, thread as well as photos and photo cut-outs, explore your creativity using the box you’ll be thinking outside of.

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