“The Candid Frame” Interviews organiser Anna Gunn

Last week, PortoPhotoFest‘s director Anna Gunn was interviewed by Ibarionex Perello for The Candid Frame podcast.

Hi! Anna here — in the run up to the PortoPhotoFest I have heard the “what made you decide to run this festival?” question more times than I can remember. I’ve never hidden the fact that this is a festival that I dreamt of, and that the photographers here are people I have learnt from and admire.

But the story of how this festival came about is a little longer to explain, and when I was invited by Ibarionex to tell that story on The Candid Frame, I was petrified… and then delighted!

Petrified, because if you have followed The Candid Frame as I have, you know that this podcast has played host to some of the world’s best photographers of the 21st Century. Only a few weeks back Ibarionex had interviewed Dan Winters… for the second time!! So to be asked to come on and tell the story of this Festival was a huge privilege.

And as I soon found out, I need not have worried — I was in the best possible hands!

Check out Anna’s interview here.

At the end of the interviews, Ibarionex always asks the interviewee about an up and coming photographer who’s work has caught their attention. Anna’s was portuguese photographer José Manuel Santos — you can find him on Instagram at @zinhosantosphotography. Check out his feed and show him a bit of Instagram love!

On that note, if you were asked to highlight any photographer: who would you choose, and why?

PS: If you haven’t already heard it, Ibarionex has also interviewed our Food Photography expert Penny De Los Santos: check out her interview here.

And if you want to learn how to tell stories with food while discovering the gastronomic wonders Portugal has to offer, book her 4-day workshop “Portugal food stories” today: Limited places available!

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