Taste Porto – Food Photography Tour

When we were introduced to Taste Porto we found out that we had a common connection – photography! We also found out they wanted to create a unique offering and be the very first tour company in Porto to offer a photography oriented food tour.

So when asked if we wanted to collaborate with them and bring this to life, of course we jumped at the opportunity. So earlier this week we had the enormous pleasure of joining the Taste Porto team for a test run — and also invited some local food and photography lovers!

This wonderful tour offered an insight into some of the hidden gems of Porto’s food history, with exclusive “behind the scenes” access to some of them.

A 9.30am start was rewarded with our first stop at a local patisseriePastelaria e Confeitaria Moura, a family owned business located in the heart of Porto.

(Side note: this is André, one of the Taste Porto tour guides, who is becoming a bit of a celebrity around town these days. It might have something to do with the fact that he recently appeared as a guide on CNN’s Anthony Bourdain’s show, “Parts Unknown – Porto”, but we’re not quite sure… Here are some of the highlights from that show.)

We were treated to seeing how their famous “Jesuíta” pastries are made:

Our next stop was a at a place you could definitely lose a lot of time in (pun definitely intended!): “O Pretinho do Japão“. Such a wonderful place with so much to see and taste… (Anna here — I have a confession to make: I have since returned to this shop many times, just due to the wonderful people and food!)

The coffee here was wonderful, as was the surprise “paradise garden” in the back!

Then we got to eat the most wonderful mackerel and tuna, with home made bread….


It was so delicious that it didn’t last long:

Next stop was again at a lovely family-owned traditional shop, with the fantastic name “Comer e Chorar por Mais” – which translated means “To eat and cry for more” – and wow, after tasting their array of meats and cheeses that is exactly what you will do!

… not to mention the delicious wines we got to sample, and also to meet and talk with Inês (pictured here) who has been working in the shop for 6 years!

To close off the tour we headed just around the corner to a local proper Gelato place, Gelataria Portuense. This is Ana, the owner, who went to Italy to learn her trade.

… we might have eaten WAY too many of her delicious creations…

We highly recommend you pop in, try a few, and then get another one to go when you visit Porto this September. Any excuse is a good one to have gelato, but we’d bet the weather in September is still going to be gelato weather!



Book yourself on this tour whilst you are over for the Porto Photo Fest. Taste Porto will be running these tours in collaboration with us on 11,12 and 13 of September. Places are limited for each tour, so get in early to avoid disappointment.


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