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Sara Lando - Human Layers
World of Photo
David Hobby - Sunset Shoot
Cianotipia & Wine Experience
David Hobby - Beyond f/stops and Shutter Speeds
Sara Lando - Personal Projects
Andy Mumford - Life Lessons from Landscape Photography
David & Sara The Portrait Extravaganza & Make it a double!
Sara Lando - Creative Portraiture

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2019 Workshops

Click on the images below for complete information.

All workshops have limited number of available places to ensure maximum quality is ensured. Once full there are no more places available. So get your place today.

Sara Lando - Human Layers
David Hobby & Sara Lando Portrait Extravaganza
Sara Lando Creative Portraiture
David Hobby Sunset Shoot

2019 Talks

Click on the images below for complete information.

David Hobby & Sara Lando Make it a double
David Hobby Beyond fstops and shutter speeds
PPF Andy Mumford
Sara Lando Personal Projects

Pop-up Porto Exhibition

Join us for the Pop-Up Porto Exhibition inauguration on 11th October.

Local emerging artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in some fun, accessible and interesting public spaces.

More details coming soon.

Made by Photographers, for Photographers

The Porto Photography Festival provides a week-long program, from 11-14 October 2019, featuring Experiences, Talks, Workshops and Exhibitions.

Anna Gunn
What's so special about the Porto Photo Festival?

Porto Photo Fest features photographers who are not only world-class photographers in their specialised fields, they are also world-class educators who enable you to tap into their knowledge, experience, and skills. They meet you at your level and help you achieve your photography goals. As a creator, you’ll gain more inspiration and insights from each of these accomplished professional instructors than from anything you’ll find online.

This festival is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Our workshops are created and developed especially for Porto, a UNESCO world heritage center. Porto is like nowhere else in Europe. There are stories to be told from every setting, and locals who want to tell you about their city. Every street you walk down holds a new view, allowing endless inspiring backdrops: The face of the city changes from sunrise right into the night, where texture, light and design meet the magic of Porto. This is the only place a photographer would want to be.

I said last year this is the festival that could change your life and I had the huge privilege of seeing that change for the attendees last year. I saw how the interactions with instructors changed peoples working methods, practices and craft for life. I can’t wait to see the change Porto Photo Fest could bring for you.

— Anna Gunn

Festival Director & Tamer of Dragons

What we will do

Workshops get you fully involved and immersed in the learning process. You’ll have the chance to work in facilitated activities that allow you to push your own boundaries in an encouraging and productive environment that’s tailored especially for your needs.

A workshop is not just a learning opportunity with the world’s leading professionals, but a great way of meeting people in an intimate group that will face the same challenges during the workshop time. You’ll get to see a great many solutions to the activity, subject or product, and learn not only from your own interactions with world-class professionals but also from your fellow peers. You’ll have many opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented, and you’ll form strong bonds with fellow creators that will last you a lifetime.

Workshops are now open for Enrollment:

More to be announced shortly!

Learn from the Masters

If you don’t have time for a longer workshop, a masterclass is a perfect opportunity to learn with our instructors in a concentrated 2-hour session.

A masterclass is going to ignite your imagination, help you to adjust your creative process to incorporate the new ideas presented at your masterclass, and drive your creativity.

This 2-hour experience offers personal, face-to-face access to genius by putting you in front of the world’s leading photographers. This is your chance to talk to those who are defining success in our industry and discover their secrets.

Saturday Summit Talks are now open to enrollment:

More coming soon.

Be inspired by other creatives

To become inspired is a wonderful gift, you may only see an image once but the effect can last a lifetime.

Exhibitions are a way of you developing your artistic eye, to understand other stories and be moved to go and create your own interpretations. We have had the enormous pleasure of hosting artists such as, Maggie Steber, Anne Silver, Elisabeth Sunday, Susan De Wit, Carmen de Vos, Jacqueline Roberts, Elizabeth Opalenki, Sara Hadley, and many more amazing artists last year with the collaboration Renée Jacobs of Photos de Femmes Festival.

Pop-Up Porto Exhibition opening 11 October, 2019

World of photography

World of Photo – Schedule of events below:

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How to get here

Car, Train or Plane

How to get here by Plane

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, known only as Porto Airport (OPO), is located about 6 miles from the city centre.

Some of the main airlines that travel to Porto include Iberia, Lufthansa, Luxair and Ryanair.

It is easy to catch a bus, metro, or taxi from this airport directly into the heart of Porto.

It’s comfortable and has first class facilities for the travelers’ every need.

How to get here by Taxi
  • From Porto Airport to the city center will usually cost between 20 to 30 Euros. Taxis in Portugal are metered and therefore haggling over the cost is not an available option.
  • There is a taxi rank immediately out of the arrivals exit door of the airport, and the journey will take you about 20 minutes.
How to get here by Metro

If you’re coming in by Metro from the Airport, there is a station right outside the airport door. You can reach most of the city centre in about 30 minutes for €2.60.

Metro from the Airport runs every 20 minutes for most of the day on weekdays, otherwise every 30 minutes every day from about 06.00.

You will first need to purchase an Andante Card, which you can re-charge at any time. You will need one Andante card per person – this card may also be used on the STCP bus lines.

Please be advised that if you purchase 10 trips you get one extra for free.

Remember to validate your card in the machine before you get onto the Metro.

How to get here by Train

If you are travelling from Lisbon to Porto, you can use the Train.

Most Lisbon trains run from Santa Apolónia station, which is right on the edge of the city center. You can also catch them at Gare do Oriente, which is closer to the Lisbon Airport.

“Intercidades” and “Alfa Pendular” trains arrive at Porto Campanhã station, and if you have booked online to Campanhã, you can connect with local urban trains free of charge for the 3 minute run to the city center station of São Bento.

The average travel time between Lisbon and Porto is 2h50 minutes. The first train leaving Lisbon is at 06:00, the last as 21:39. There is an average of 32 trains a day between Lisbon and Porto, leaving approximately every 44 minutes.

To book your journey use: (english version available)

How to reach us:

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