Made by Photographers, for Photographers

The Porto Photography Festival third edition will run from 11-14 October 2019.

Anna Gunn
What's so special about the Porto Photo Festival?

Porto Photo Fest features photographers who are not only world-class photographers in their specialised fields, they are also world-class educators who enable you to tap into their knowledge, experience and skills. They meet you at your level and help you achieve your photography goals. As a creator, you’ll gain more inspiration and insights from each of these accomplished professional instructors than from anything you’ll find online.

This festival is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Our workshops are created and developed especially for Porto, a UNESCO world heritage centre. Porto is like nowhere else in Europe. There are stories to be told from every setting, and locals who want to tell you about their city. Every street you walk down holds a new view, allowing endless inspiring backdrops: The face of the city changes from sunrise right into the night, where texture, light and design meet the magic of Porto. This is the only place a photographer would want to be.

I said last year this is the festival that could change your life and I had the huge privilege of seeing that change for the attendees last year. I saw how the interactions with instructors changed peoples working methods, practices and craft for life. I can’t wait to see the change Porto Photo Fest 2019 could bring for you.

— Anna Gunn

Festival Director & Tamer of Dragons