Taste Porto – Food Photography Tour

When we were introduced to Taste Porto we found out that we had a common connection – photography! We also found out they wanted to create a unique offering and be the very first tour company in Porto to offer a photography oriented food tour.

So when asked if we wanted to collaborate with them and bring this to life, of course we jumped at the opportunity. So earlier this week we had the enormous pleasure of joining the Taste Porto team for a test run — and also invited some local food and photography lovers!

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John Stanmeyer Workshop Final Presentation

You’re invited to close out the first anual Porto Photo Festival with this special event. Join John Stanmeyer and his workshop students as they present the work they created during the festival.

Photo by John Stanmeyer
A sand tornado or Dust Devil pass through as tens of thousands of Kurds flee an Islamic State assault on Kobani in Syria and stream across the border into the Turkish town of Dikmetas on Saturday, September 20, 2014. This was day two of the exodus when 200,000 Syrian’s, mostly Kurds, crossed into Turkey in 72 hours.

This will be the closing event of this first years edition.

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Retratos sem Medo – Uma exposição Solidária


Um dos grandes flagelos da nossa sociedade é a violência praticada por pessoas, com ou sem laços de sangue, para se apoderar ou controlar a proxima. Com o intuito de ajudar as pessoas vítimas desta adversidade, existem instituições prontas a ajudar como a APAV – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima e a The light Space. No entanto, também compete ao cidadão comum ajudar a acabar com este flagelo, dando apoio a estas instituições e também denunciando esses comportamentos. Como cidadão comum e ciente deste problema, o fotógrafo artístico Paulo Carvalho organizou uma exposição fotográfica, com a finalidade de angariar fundos para as instituições acima mencionadas, através da venda dos trabalhos expostos. Esses trabalhos artísticos pertencem a diversos fotógrafos internacionais, onde se destacam as conceituadas fotógrafas Brooke Shaden e Amani Alshaali, que gentilmente aceitaram em participar neste evento.

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Fotoadrenalina Instagram GIVEAWAY

Be in it to win it!

The prize is a 4 day photography experience, and it’s going to be given away to a lucky Instagram user, selected by Fotoadrenalina, on August 31st.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is follow these instructions and enter before the end of August:

1. Follow PortoPhotoFest and Fotoadrenalina on Instagram;
2. Look for the giveaway announcement on the PortoPhotoFest Instagram feed;
3. Repost that announcement with the hashtag #Fotoadrenalina_PPF, and tag @portophotofest and @fotoadrenalina.

The winner will be selected at random by Fotoadrenalina and announced on the PortoPhotoFest Instagram feed on August 31st, 2017.

*Flight prices not included


Instagram Giveaway Terms and conditions:

  1. Prize according to the conditions established by Fotoadrenalina.
  2. The PortoPhotoFest team will contact the winner of the prize within 48h of the draw. The winner should then contact the Fotoadrenalina team to confirm and access the prize.
  3. The photographic expedition program is described on the website, but the conditions of the trip will be set by Fotoadrenalina, upon contact by the winner.
  4. Flights are not included in the prize. The starting point will be at the destination of the photographic expedition.
  5. The date of the photographic expedition will be agreed by Fotoadrenalina and communicated to the winner.
  6. The prize can’t be replaced for the equivalent monetary value.

“The Candid Frame” Interviews organiser Anna Gunn

Last week, PortoPhotoFest‘s director Anna Gunn was interviewed by Ibarionex Perello for The Candid Frame podcast.

Hi! Anna here — in the run up to the PortoPhotoFest I have heard the “what made you decide to run this festival?” question more times than I can remember. I’ve never hidden the fact that this is a festival that I dreamt of, and that the photographers here are people I have learnt from and admire.

But the story of how this festival came about is a little longer to explain, and when I was invited by Ibarionex to tell that story on The Candid Frame, I was petrified… and then delighted!

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Porto Photo Fest met recently with the incredible Portuguese talent Ana Lisa Luças, a mixed media artist who gives us insight into how she works with brands such as Chocolates da Vida. In a recent interview with Favourite Design, Ana expresses her future ambitions:

“In the future I want to internationalize, to have my work in different countries, not just Portuguese products that have been exported but work with different cultures and different projects. Getting out of my comfort zone.”

Here is a sample of her amazing mixed media work:

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