Eduardo Angel

“Storytelling through Color”

½ day Workshop

20 October

Price: €125

Understanding the concept of color as an additional character in our stories.

Learn how to enhance your post-production work Award-winning Emmy filmmaker Eduardo Angel

How much impact can color have on our stories? Short answer: a lot more than you think. This original half-day session is not about video editing but about how successful storytellers use color to direct and misdirect the viewer, to enhance the mood of a story, influence our unconscious minds.

Storytellers looking to enhance their post-production work. A basic working knowledge of Premiere Pro (or any other NLE) is required.

  • Laptop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (latest Version)

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Storytelling Through Color
  • 1 day workshop
  • Limited to 10 students
  • 20 October 2018
  • Secure payment through PayPal
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