Porto Photo Fest 2018

Free Events:

Charles O'Rear presents “Bliss” photograph, considered the most viewed photo in history.

Porto Photo Festival proudly presents in association with Ramos Pinto, Charles (Chuck) O’Rears’ presentation on his world-famous image “Bliss”. This presentation starts at 19h at Ramos Pinto and is open to the public.
This is a free event but places are limited so please RSVP using thebutton below.


Chuck O’Rear welcomes the opportunity to meet and talk with the people of Porto. He last photographed in Portugal in 1995 when he was commissioned by the photo agency Corbis (owned by Bill Gates) to photograph the cork harvest as well as wine producers in the region. He photographed the Douro region and throughout the Alentejo for that project. Previously, he photographed for 25 years for National Geographic magazine. As a result of being sent by National Geographic to the famous wine regions of Napa Valley, he focused much of his photography on wine and wine regions around the world. He has produced 12 books about wines.
His presentation will cover his “Bliss” photograph, considered the most viewed photo in history. It was the screen saver for Microsoft XP and has been seen on more than a billion computers around the world. He will give a look behind the scenes of the many stories he photographed for National Geographic.

photos de femmes Exhibition

womenSEEwomen is an exhibition hosted by the Centro Portugês de Fotografia
Inauguration Sep 29, 2018 at 17h

Porto Photo Fest is proud to host “womenSEEwomen” which is the premier exhibit of the Photos de Femmes organization, which was created to give a powerful voice to iconic representations of women.

As Executive Director Renée Jacobs has said, “Women can not be heard unless we can be seen.” Photos de Femmes is committed to diversity and will continue to promote positive depictions of women around the world.

This exhibition will feature the following artists:
Renée Jacobs
Maggie Steber
Sarah Hadley
Elisabeth Sunday
Anne Silver
Carmen de Vos
Jacqueline Roberts
Susan de Witt
Elizabeth Opalenik

Curated by Renée Jacobs.

Emre Küheylan masterclass

Emre Küheylan gives a masterclass and a Film Screening on the them of "Overcrowding".

This is a free event – but you will need to RSVP to secure your place, as we have limited places available.

This is a full evening of masterclass followed by a film screening “Overcrowding” followed by an open discussion

Photography Curation Masterclass

The masterclass examines the curatorial process in photography. Participants will have a chance to learn the highlights of photography curation and how to think like a photography curator. They will discover the importance of visual storytelling and exhibition making by combining different works and projects.

Overcrowding – Photography Screening

Population growth is one of the most important problems facing many countries around the world today. Industrialized cities, decreasing agricultural resources in rural regions, new economic opportunities provided by big cities, and external migration have a significant role in this population increase. In this photography screening, we will be able to see the examples of these changes related to population growth around the world. Results of socioeconomic change and environmental transformation are questioning in different geographies.