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Date: April 25, 2019



The only international photography festival in the UNESCO World Heritage Center of Porto.

PORTO, Portugal 11-14 October 2019 – Porto Photo Fest is a boutique festival that brings in the world’s leading photographers to deliver exclusive experiences to content creators. The festival provides a platform to inspire, create and display photographs that expand the imagination. During the festival, workshops, panel discussions and pop-up exhibitions will be held in and around the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Porto.

Porto Photo fest is where industry giants show that they are real, relatable and generous in their enthusiasm to mentor and teach. The lifelong relationships, experiences and opportunities that have been created from this event are the reasons it continues to be a beacon of inspiration on the calendars of creatives,”

–  explains Festival Director Anna Gunn.

The festival’s guest photographers have worked for National Geographic, Time, Bon Appétit, Vogue, and more. They not only have the experience but are excited to share their knowledge in exclusively crafted experiences. Workshops are designed to ensure that content creators come together in a productive and encouraging environment that challenges attendees to push their own learning boundaries. Panel discussions and conferences openly encourage discussion and information sharing, to get imaginations fired up to produce content that is fresh, relevant and engaging. The festival will host a treasure trove of pop-up exhibitions scattered across this city encouraging upcoming, young photographers to have their work appear in an international festival.

Porto is fast becoming the home of photography, where breathtaking locations, extraordinary light and inspiration fill every corner of this world renowned city.

Porto Photo Fest expands imagination by providing inspiration and education to create in a dynamic location with photography leaders. Register now for early bird discounts. Tickets can be purchased at

Porto Photo Fest intersects art, business and education in a dynamic location, with photography leaders.

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