2019 FLASH EVENT: Cyanotype Experience with Silver Lab

Silver Lab Experience

Experience Starts: 15 June 2019, 15h00

Workshop Description:

Welcome to the magic world of ancient Photography!
In this experience, we’ll create beautiful images by using the Cyanotype printing process, one of the first
non-silver technologies used to print photographic images, discovered in 1842 by the English scientist and
astronomer Sir John Herschel.
The process uses two chemical sensitive to the action of light: ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide.
Prints can be made from large format negatives and lithography film, digital negatives (transparency) or
everyday objects.
A positive image can be produced by exposing it to a source of ultraviolet light (such as sunlight) as a
contact print through the negative (traditionally, semitransparent paper) or objects.
The procedure was mainly adopted as a copying technique of large architectural and mechanical
drawings – due to the low cost of the process – becoming known by the term “blueprint” because of it’s
vibrant blue tone.
However, it’s also used to print and reproduce photographic images.
Anna Atkins, an eminent botanic of the time, created a series of cyanotype limited-edition books that
documented ferns and other plant life from her extensive collection. By using this photogram process, she’ s generally considered the first female photographer in History – and her books, the first ever
published with photographic image.


Sign up fee: 15 euros

Practical Info:

Experience dates: 15 June, 2019

Experience Hours: 15h-18h

Sign up fee: 15 euros


This workshop is designed for photographers of any level, from beginner to advanced.

Just bring yourself and your friends.

This workshop is designed for photographers of any level, from beginner to advanced.